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Jeffree Star Cosmetics products at Nordstrom Rack (and new: where to look for JSC Black Friday bargains)

Yesterday there were rumors and YouTube videos that products of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, like the iconic Jawbreaker Palette and other favored eyeshadow palettes created by Jeffree Star and his team, were sold at Nordstrom Rack stores at very affordable prices. I looked it up on the Nordstrom Rack website and, wow, there were some bargains to be made - unfortunately they only sell within the USA. (Black Friday Information added Nov 25, 2021) (Unpaid Advertising | Unbezahlte Werbung**)

Subsequent insertion:

Great Black Friday/Black Week 2021 sales at Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC)!

Also the JSC retailers have great special offers, e.g. Douglas* (Germany), Beautylish (USA) and BeautyBay (UK).


... Back to the Nordstrom Rack subject:

Some people posted yesterday night (Nov 11, 2021) and today about Jeffree Star Cosmetics products (not the Jeffree x Shane, but Jeffree Star’s own products) being now in the stores of Nordstrom Rack for very affordable prices - e.g. More Maria, Rich Lux, 2SernaWithLove, Brandoncye and others had made videos on YouTube and/or posted on Instagram.

Prices are up to 50 percent less than the normal prices for Jeffree Star Cosmetics's (selected) products now on the Nordstrom Rack website.
Since some of the products shown in the videos and also on the Nordstrom Rack website came out after the breakup with Morphe, I don't think that Morphe is again the one who took the products to Nordstrom Rack as some people assumed in the YouTube comments. Though, there might have been contracts how much Morphe would order from some of the future collections (make-up takes a very long time to make and a brand has to know in advance how many products they should order from their manufacturers for their calculation and the price negotiations with them, so that the manufacturers can order the rough material etc., it is not just a supply chain but a whole network of depending nodes).


I assume the products come from Jeffree Star Cosmetics themselves - and it would make sense: due to lockdowns, self-quarantining, everybody wearing masks and everything, all brands sold less than what they had planned and ordered (contracts). Many companies have to empty their warehouses to make room for new products. There are sales everywhere from all brands and online-shops for months.

Jeffree's visit to Nordstrom Rack (see one of his latest videos on the Jeffre Star YouTube channel) showed that he is not in bad company there, Nordstrom seems to be kind of a bougie discount store chain (we do not have them here in Germany so I only know them through YouTube and now the Website). Black Friday and the Holiday sales are coming anyway soon, so it might have been a good time to make room in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouses for his skin line. But this is just my conspiracy, allegedly, I do not know for sure.


The other day Jeffree Star said on his Instagram and/or Snapchat that he would be dropping something very soon like a bomb - maybe this is it: giving people the opportunity to see the products in a store where they can buy them for a very good sale prices (but on the other hand, he said it would not be makeup or skincare related, so it could also be his autobiography, new music, maybe more yak plushies, treats for dogs, treats for yaks, we don't know). I am excited what Jeffree is going to say, I think he will address this soon.

I just looked up the prices on the Nordstrom Rack website - and people in the US can be very happy (according to their website they only deliver within the US):

Products at NR this morning, Nov 12, 2021:
  • some lip products, up to 44 % off
  • some lip product bundles, up to 32 % off
  • some Lip Vaults, Luminous Magic Star Setting Powders, 50 % off
  • Jawbreaker Palette, 36 % off
  • Blood Lust Palette, 42 % off
  • Magic Star Color Correctors, 34 % off

Good luck and good hunting!


** Unbezahlte Werbung (marked as an unpaid advertisement: due to our regulations "influencers" have to mark posts as ad even if they were not paid, not even asked to advertise a brand. This is to protect consumers since a blogger, content creator etc. might obtain a financial benefit in the future by his acions.) Alle Produkte, die ich von Jeffree Star Cosmetics besitze, habe ich mit meinem Geld selbst gekauft. Von Nordstrom Rack habe ich noch nie etwas gekauft und sie liefern auch nur innerhalb der USA. * Werbelink (Link zu einem Werbepartner, falls Sie dort etwas kaufen, erhalte ich eine kleine Provision)

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